Poetry – Twinkle Johar

I was a hardcore fan of Hindi serials in my childhood. This was so because I love spending time with my mum, and when she used to watch the serials, I would go to her and watch along with her predicting what will happen in the next episode. I have always seen one or two negative characters, at least, in each of the serials.
Today, when I sit down to think who is the main lead in my life, who is always fighting, and how my mum would have received the best mother’s award if my life were a daily soap.
Then I wonder who the negative ones are?
Do they enter my life with a lot of makeup or with a piece of disturbing background music?
And then this becomes my utmost concern to identify the negative and toxic ones so that I don’t fall prey to their tactics against me, unlike the lead in serials.
And I realized,
Many people have called me toxic.
I have made the same comment at many as well.
I am a villain in someone’s life.
I am also my father’s princess.
The one I feel is toxic for me is the dream boy or girl for many.
I have given negative vibes to many people.
I have received them too.
But many value my advice too.
The negative people I have isolated myself from, are the most precious ones in someone else’s life.
So is there a definition of good or bad?
Is there a definition of toxicity?
There are many.
It depends on which definition you rely on.
I think what’s most important is to stick to your definition.
Also, if you feel strongly, it needs to be updated, do it. But only when your instincts support the rectification.
What is important is to control what you can control.
And accept what you cannot control.
Also, let go off what you’re unable to accept,
Letting go will make you feel lonely,
And then there comes a choice,
Loneliness or toxicity,
I’ll say
Since, both of these sucks,
Choose what’s temporary.
Loneliness is the motivation,
To prepare yourself,
To make you stronger,
It’s temporary,
It can change to solitude,
With time, with efforts,
Very soon.
No one is good or bad,
We all are different characters.
We all have a different story.
We play roles,
Roles- Different in different stories.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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