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I value relationships. But they seldom sustain in my life. And when I look back, I just cannot stop myself from being nostalgic! I cannot afford to call myself as somebody who is hard hearted. But there is a string of broken relationships in my life. They had either ended naturally or with a whimper.
I never took any step to end a relationship. But there were aplenty reasons behind it. It would not be wrong to say that actions often lead to the disruption of a relationship. It is not important who was responsible for the crack of bond, but the realisation mattered. Unfortunately it never dawned upon us. Had it been so, my view on bond would have been different altogether! After all reality is different from what we generally desire to fantasise!
It is worth mentioning most relationships are like friendships that run out of steam for a while. It is just a matter of time. People might protest against the view penned by me. But whatever they opine, a classic blend of ego and humiliation weaves the break up story.
Why does this happen? You can have millions of arguments to support yourself. But the truth lies somewhere else. With the passage of time we grow up, mature and earn experiences. It is a big challenge to continue with a relationship for a longish span of time. We have to build a strong bridge between us, nevertheless, we are two different rivers. Our aims, choices, preferences, career planning and social planning are not the same. And by the time the bridge is being completed, the rivers are discovered to have changed their tracks. Subsequently, we get back to our previous route. The same known hours begin. The same melodrama is back with a bang. In fact there is a sweet metaphor, ” the battlefield of love is never quiet”. The moment you think you have won, you are defeated unless you begin with a new story again.
Relationship is as fragile as glass. The essence of today’s relationship is much different from what it was more than three decades ago! The relationships which I have seen from a close range like our parents, relatives, elder brothers and sisters are completely misleading today. They are still perfect and not illusions. They are ideal and ought to be acknowledged in the accepted sense of term!
It is sad to note that relationships are never unconditional. A few are satisfying and promise to continue till the final moment. Myriad reasons. Some are elated, some are exalted, some are perfunctory and the rest bank on loyalty. There is also a question of insecurity, especially socio – economical. No matter how progressive we are, we still need a shoulder to cry upon! We dare to seek a different path. Fear, apprehension and inconvenience always prey upon our mental syntax . To shine independently or opt for a good career may not be the sole reasons to stay and continue with a relationship. We always look for comfort, coziness and care instead of making a quest or waiting in a queue for a meaningful relationship!!

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