Sunday Reflection by Mohini Das

It Happened One Night

If you’re thinking I’m going to talk about the 1934 American movie, you’re wrong. But I wish it was that. Hello! I’m Josie, a 23 year old who just finished her sociology major. I’m not the same person as I was 6 months ago and this is my story.
I was a highly optimistic person who believed in only the good in the world and was always sceptical about anything supernatural or paranormal. A few months back I had moved in with my friend in a new city for a short internship. But homesick as I always am, I felt bad to be away.I often used to get bored or missed my family and to take my mind off it, I’d go out on walks at night when there were hardly any people on the road and even the traffic was mild. And just like every other night I went out on a walk. Little did I know what was going to happen.
The traffic was as usual the same, hardly any, and there were few people too. I was walking and stopped nearby a bench to tie the laces on my sneakers. There was no one. Suddenly at a distance I saw something which looked like the silhouette of a man. It looked different. It seemed like he was doing a “tippy-toe” dance. And then I could somewhat make his face out: he was pale, round eyes opened wide as if they were in a state of shock and a smile. And I can not explain to you how malicious it was as if some had fit fishing hooks on both the corners of his mouth and pulled them as wide as possible. He didn’t look homeless or drunk by the way he dressed, in a simple black coat with trousers. He was coming towards  my direction.
Sceptical as I was, I brushed it off my shoulder and crossed to the other side of the road to give this man his own space but then suddenly I could see he was standing parallel to me from the other side, grinning at me.This is when things started getting under my skin so I rubbed my eyes thinking that my mind is playing tricks with me but it wasn’t. It hadn’t been even a minute and the man was on my side of the pavement but now he was walking away. I felt a sigh of relief but not too long. I was staring at him, scared to turn my back even though he wasmoving away from me. Suddenly he crouched and took the opposite direction, this time taking big leaps. In such a situation I should’ve taken my phone,pepper spray or something out. But I didn’t, I just stood there as he came closer and closer. My throat was dry now and I could sense the fear in my voice as I said, “What do you want?” He replied with nothing, just stood there smiling at me with the creepiest smile and wide eyes and suddenly took to the other direction and ran away as I heard a familiar voice call out my name. It was Hayley, my roommate. I could finally gather some air in my lungsas I saw her.
Seeing Hayley that night saved me. I don’t know what might have happened if she didn’t show up.Sometimes I still feel that all of this was just going on in my mind, but then it felt so real as it came forward to touch my face. Whatever the reason may be, I have gotten rid of my midnight strolls around the city.
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