Category: Sunday Talks


Sunday Poem By Basudev Paul

Tree A rain lashed land lends enchantment! Inchoate it seems to have been mere trees. Behind its dark, deep foliage gives off the conceit The thought unravished yet in the crowd! Mere sighting gives...


Sunday Poem By Debarati Sen

Saudade. The ombre pink sunrise woke me up from my moth-eaten bed where I had been lying the whole night in deep ictus. My hibiscus eyes brimmed with memories and melancholia. Songs of an...


Sunday Poem By Soumen Roy

Waiting for Spring Waiting for the spring My heart started singing Drenched in the droplets of love My eyes sparkled with joy, and happiness was gleaming. The universe seemed to be so friendly Lurches...


Sunday Poem By Anuva Sen

The Pawn of the Government My left eye twitched since morning, Although I always take it as a forewarning. I hailed from Murshidabad, my parents’ only child, The timid and the shy kind. Last...


Sunday Poem By Rudrapriya Sen

To My Seniors I remember climbing up the stairs, everytime during recess, Just to see my seniors, and their bright, confident faces. I always wondered what it would be like to be in your...


Sunday Feature By Kunal Roy

LET US LISTEN TO THE VERDANT VIBES! The wait is over. The moment has arrived to celebrate “The World Environment Day”. 5th June, as we all know is the day to plant new trees...

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