Category: Sunday Talks


Sunday Poem By Sohel Naskar

BLAME GAME Why is it That you are blaming my eyes? For looking at you, When the fault lies within you Or maybe it is The God who is at fault for creating such...


Sunday Poem By Ruchira Mukherjee

Misunderstood You claim to know me thoroughly, But all we have is a blurred image of one another. We can never be in each other’s shoe. Will never know what you are going through,...


Sunday Poem By Rakesh Chandra

The Old Man and His Wisdom Pearls Look at the deep furrows, my darling, On my forehead, etched by the Hands of Time, and think about the Future, as the present will be merged...


Sunday Feature By Madhurima Dasgupta

CHALLENGES FACED BY CHILDREN IN CONTEMPORARY INDIAN SOCIETY A child is the most precious gift of God who should always be protected and safeguarded against all kinds of social malpractices. Looking at the present...


Sunday Poem By Vishwas Vaidya

A College-going Cheer Evening is rocking amid a fashion carnival, flaunting her young limbs at every whistling cheer! If only you clasp your fingers with my dreams and sighs like a college-going three-some, Swaying...


Sunday Poem By Jhilam Adhikary

Why Did I Ever Accept My Dad’s Death? With one more day gone Things become real a bit more Regret sings louder than before With every dream that follows Where things are fine And...

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