Category: Sunday Talks


Sunday Story By Ruchira Mukherjee

The University The building that witnessed the arrival of new lots of excited student every year becoming a part of a phase of life that every human cheerishes forever.A journey towards growth ,learning and...


Sunday Poem By Pritha Chakraborty

উল্টোরথ রথের দিনে মেঘলা আকাশ মন খারাপের নেই অবকাশ জগন্নাথ এর রথের দড়ি টানতে গিয়ে পিছিয়ে পড়ি ছোটবেলার টুকরো স্মৃতি আবছা যে তার পথের গতি রাংতা মোড়া কাঠের আকার ফুলের সাজে খুললো বাহার যাত্রা...


Sunday Monsoon By Arindam Roy

Five micro-poems on rain Like dust On leaves before a rain, We exist. Clouds’ popcorn dreams Yearn for those fluffy grace, Both scarce. Petrichor’s perfume, Earth’s fragrance after rainfall, Nature’s sweet exhale. Raindrops on...


Sunday Poems By Ketaki Datta

Lord Jagannath The chariot goes down, Down memory lane, With all the chintzy decors And the colourful streamers– With all of us running diehard To touch the rope of Lord’s cart! After a tussle,...


Sunday Feature By Soumyanetra Munshi

Of Roosters, Huts, and “Umbilical Heavenly Peaks” Glimpses into beliefs of Shillong On a recent visit to Shillong, during the very scenic drive from the quaint Shillong airport to a resort near the Umiam...


Sunday Feature By Kunal Roy

‘TRADEDY LOOMED LARGE’! THANKS AND REGARDS Human life is as fragile as glass. Human existence is a farce. Every moment we are at the mercy of the Lord above. We are nothing but marionettes...

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