Sunday Story By Ruchira Mukherjee

The University

The building that witnessed the arrival of new lots of excited student every year becoming a part of a phase of life that every human cheerishes forever.A journey towards growth ,learning and giving a dimension to just school pass outs.An intregal part of every student’s journey.The building that nurtures new talents,creative skills,better cognitive thinking ,better reasoning approach, debating and discussional habits in young minds.Helping them to take the complete shape of fully grown matured adults and succeed by hardwork in their particular domains.Often stays the reason behind creation of lifetime precious bonds:be it an unbreakable professor-student relation covered with affection and gratitude and respect,new lifetime friends sharing one of the most memorable and sweetest time period of life,also views the relationship of honest lovers being one another’s escape from a life full of duties.The years of a students life that takes an essential part in shaping their personality and makes them a responsible individual.Also becomes a home for people fighting against various challenges of life be it related to health,identity creation,emotional turmoil and again coming back together to conquer these hurdles holding a sense of unity,harmony,peace and love for one another.Also remains a silent witness of every passing out batch every year by providing them a warm farewell with heavy hearts and moist eyes.The cafeteria of this building soothes the hunger of every eager mind after a wholesome lecture energies them for the rest of the day.The seminar halls filled with learned speaker enlightening students and giving new perspectives and direction in life also helps in growing a sense of awareness in different topics of their needs.The most essential part of the entire system is those hardworking professors who puts their level best everyday to teach the students by creating an engaging,understandable
environment.Involing them in the discussion giving full attention to their growth and providing the lectures in a very lucid way so that’s it’s easy to increase the interest of the listeners.Our professors without whom this building is incomplete and meaningless.Also the students makes this place full of life and enthusiasm.At times it feels as if these precious years never come to an end and we continue our life as students.An University is every student’s second home,comes with a sense of harmonious family and always stays with you in your memories and in times of need forming a base towards financial independence.

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