Sunday Poem By Prasanna Bhatta

Am Not Alone, Mother

Moment precious
that says no more aloneness.

Whenever and wherever a girl steps out,
” You are alone” instantly her mother cries out .

All her enthusiasm and
encourage is thrown out,
Feeling the deep ocean
of grievous grief

Grief overwhelmes
when a girl is in aloneness ,

The moment she gets her soul mate ,
She can handle anywhere any want .

A painful, unbearable memory has now been transformed ,
remembering the bitter sweet nostalgia that happened.
A source of sadness changes into strength and happiness formed.

Departing moment awaiting to give ‘good bye’! to lovely mother and home from her life ,
Veiling the head comes to mother to have blessing for the new married life,

Mother, out of pleasure and perfection in joyfulness ,
Shedding stream of tear, thrilling the core of heart in gayness.

Put her hands on ears but can’t say anything out of bliss.

Dropping the drops of tears on reddish veil came to breast,
Pressing ears, mother gives a soft buss on bride’s forehead that touches the heart.

Out of breath, mother can’t say anything but
pray God in folding hand in tight .

Hugging a huge hug to mother,
daughter whisperes in
mother’s ear.
In short voice ,
That forced both a smiley smile.

This golden moment will never again,
Whatever her fate shows in her
life line.

ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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