Sunday Reflections – Rupa Paul Lodh

Don, a sweet and loving puppy was found one-day early morning near our house whose right ear was severely bitten by another dog. He was screaming due to pain, could not walk properly because of losing balance for the injured ear and would have led a horrible death.
We rescued Don from roadside and after that, I and my wife were puzzled what to do with this cute puppy who might have come near our house with trust and hope that he might be cured. I tried to contact many veterinary doctors but no one was ready to come due to this lockdown. Then my wife told me about one of her friends who take care of street dogs and provide shelter and medications. When my wife made a video call to show his pathetic condition, she was shocked to see that such a small puppy was suffering from thousands of maggots inside his ear and immediately recommended some medicines which I went to take even the situation was adverse. We started with those medicines and removed more than hundreds maggot by ourselves. We continued this procedure for more than 5 days and removed all the maggots.
Now don is finally recovering from this deadly situation. He was named “Don” since he is brave and always roam here and there in the street although being 1.5months old even sometimes without his mother among other dogs. He is a real fighter who taught us that never to give up and also never to lose hope. Want to have a look on him now !!
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