Sunday Monsoon By Arindam Roy

Five micro-poems on rain

Like dust
On leaves before a rain,
We exist.

Clouds’ popcorn dreams
Yearn for those fluffy grace,
Both scarce.

Petrichor’s perfume,
Earth’s fragrance after rainfall,
Nature’s sweet exhale.

Raindrops on windows,
Melancholy’s lullaby,
Serenade of peace.

Scant rains,
Agonising prayers, farmers’ suicides
Document climate change.

Poet’s Bio:
Arindam Roy, with four decades in journalism, is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Different Truths, KKPC, and Director: Business Strategy & Corporate Communications, PILF 2023. He held senior positions in several media houses. He co-authored four Coffee Table Books (CTBs), an academic book, and edited over fifty books and published five international poetry anthologies. Several CTBs (as sole author) by the Times Group are awaited. He received several awards and co-authored a novel, Rivers Run Back.

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