Valentine’s Letter By Abhishek Mukhia

Letter to Isaac

Dear Isaac,
It’s been two years since we haven’t met in reality. I wonder where you are and what has been of you . You taught me the meaning of “love”. Sometimes, we are not reciprocated with feelings of compassion and care even if we love the other person deeply, madly and passionately. You made me realize that love is not only about living with each other but it is also about living for each other.
Do you really want to know how and why I fell in love with you just as Elizabeth fell in love with Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s classic novel , “ Pride & Prejudice “ ? You came in my life like rays of sun , warmed my frozen heart and left like a cold, gust of wind in a wintry night. When my eyes met you for the first time , I didn’t know that you would be the piece of my heart, an apple of my eye and my priceless gem. Initially, I observed you like a teacher during an examination. Your smile, laughter, hand movements, facial expressions, gestures and communication skills made me spell bound. Just as Miranda was mesmerized by Ferdinand in William Shakespeare’s drama, “The Tempest “, likewise I was smitten by your looks. Many a times, people fall in love with physical features but I adored you for your inner qualities. Your were the epitome of calmness and composure. When you conversed with me , my nerves were tensed, heart beat wildly under my chest and head swung with astonishment. As a sunshine smile took birth on your lips, I was immediately drawn towards you. From then onwards, I couldn’t gulp my feelings and sleep at night. Whenever my mind was tossed by your thoughts, I felt happy, liberated and jovial. Do I really love you? Is this an infatuation or a true love like that of Romeo and Juliet , Healthcliff and Catherine ? Will I receive love in manifold? Questions hovered around my head. Alas! My joy was short lived. I was building castles in the air and living a ‘lie’. Why did you leave me when I needed you the most? What led you push me into the web of an unrequited love? You didn’t bother me and mistook my love for a friendship. This made me melancholic like never before. Little did you know , that you had been an extra necessary organ in my life. You failed to comprehend my intentions, pledges and vows. Nevertheless, my love for you shall never subside, diminish and deteriorate. It shall burst out like a balloon under the blistering sunlight.
Today , on Valentine’s day , I want you to remember me and recall the bygone days that we had spent together . I want you to read the poems that I had left inside your cupboard, turn the pages of the photo album that features us , sing a romantic song and look at the sunset over the horizon . I hereby assert , that you are a valuable gift that God has given me . You will be loved, cared and remembered in my prayers, today , tomorrow and forever .
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