“Lines from Kashmir” – Zakir Malik

Zakir Malik is the editor-in-chief for the ILA Magazine, a poet, translator, reviewer, writer, critic, and a social campaigner. Zakir Malik is from Trehgam Kashmir, has co-authored 8 poetry books. His recent book is 'The Wail of the Woods'. Apart from this Zakir Malik is the founder 'Kashmir Writers Guild' and the 'Valley of the Poets'.

Smell of Jehlum

Thine rivers chripping from dawn till dusk
are my nights of ecstasy
from which freshness does flow
with drops of peace pouring into Dal.
I hide my puzzles under your green coats,
and those glistening Lillies of the Wular,
in my dreams, I sleep over melody of gush
and sink into the abyss of myriad waves
O’ Kashmir you drench; glow like diamond
while my thirst quenches with balls of snow
that thatch of lush greenery
is where I belong, where I come from
rest my breaths are the guests of time.
Endless is dusk where I slide towards
slowly, slowly into the waters of Mansar,
I walk then towards Silk route to relish
and squeeze taste of nature at its best.
I live in the drops of Pangong lake
O’ my land I smell your beauty
hear your voice in rush of Jehlum
see your hues in fruits and leaves.
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