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This Women’s Day I took a pledge of fighting Postpartum Depression to protect my emotional health

And here’s another women’s day! This year, it’s a bit special for me. As a new mother, I find myself truly blessed. Most of the time, I stay engaged with my little star, yet, I manage to keep time out for blog writing. Yes, that’s what in which I am most passionate about.

In the earlier days of my motherhood, things were not that easy. Every time, I get stressed and felt annoyed with everyone. Sometimes, I couldn’t even feel for my baby which strikes me a lot. A sense of emptiness was grown in my mind which I couldn’t get rid of. Today, when everyone is more or less concerned about their mental health, I also start researching what’s going wrong with me! Hence, I found myself struggling with Postpartum Depression. Due to my profession, I more or less heard about this health issue but did not get an opportunity to work on it. So, this concept hit me up and enforced me to write about it.

The saddest part of postpartum depression is that hardly anyone gives importance to this health problem. Everyone stays busy with the new member of the family and forgets about the mental well-being of the mother. Hope, many of you can relate to me. Most families take this lightly and don’t take any steps to help the mother get out of the emotional strain. Remember one thing no one except you can take the best care of yourself. So, I took it on a serious note and discuss it with my husband. He took me immediately to my doctor.

My obstetrician explained everything so well that I boost myself once again. Postpartum Depression is caused due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and after childbirth which triggers our mood swings to an extreme level. As my physician told me, I start following some of the easiest life hacks:

Share my feelings with my loved ones
Keep my baby in skin-to-skin contact to enhance our bonding
Try to keep my mind free from unrealistic thoughts
Join an online community of new moms to learn new things
Ask for help straightaway if I feel so
Adjust my sleeping time with my baby
Take rest as much as possible
Involve me in doing activities that I like the most including reading journals, listening to my favorite songs, meditating every day
Make sudden plans like a house party with my besties
Chat with those who always give me positivity
Keep me pampered.

And now, here I am! Today, on this auspicious day, I can’t resist sharing my personal maternal experiences with you. If there’s an expectant mother in your family or neighborhood, take care of them with all your heart. Try to keep them happy and content so that they never feel lonely.

Don’t take Postpartum Depression as a minor health issue. To get back the wonderful woman in you, reach out today to a clinical therapist and enjoy the new journey of your life as much as possible. Be inspirational, be loved, and be you! Have a happy and healthy Women’s day today and forever!

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