Sunday Poem By Debarati Sen


The ombre pink sunrise woke me up from my moth-eaten bed
where I had been lying the whole night in deep ictus.
My hibiscus eyes brimmed with memories and melancholia.
Songs of an insipid heart perched on my weary eyelids.
This house, bursting into toluene flames of quietude, mocked my vertigo dreams.
I would compose a mad girl’s love song
and hum it to the moon and the yew tree!
My suicidal tendencies have aggravated.
Why do I feel so empty inside?
His laughter pierced through the barricades of my soul
And hit hard at my mind’s camber.
I poured hot water into my veins.
They oozed out molten dreams.
Something thumped heavily inside my body.
My uterus was stuck in my belly
A clamor of beastly noises,
And my foibles gnawed onto my sanity relentlessly.
My mind is screaming like a banshee, looking for answers on deserted highways.
Midst the fury of city crowds and familiar faces.
Pretending to be well-wishers
who buried me beneath the heap of their disgruntled howls.
The day I returned from my ‘happily everafter’.
With my heart inside a garbage bag.
Hiding saudade midst my flustered nerves
I let the dust settle on my poesy
The night cloaked in velvety yearning returned.
Darkness colonized my shoulders like an apocalypse.
With sighs tucked inside my ribs, my complaints rose like the Ochterlony Monument.
my heart turned cold like a winter blizzard.
All the wildflowers on my blemishes grew with a feisty vigour.
My throat choked with those saccharine promises.
It is time to return to the lonely orb.
where I am my only panpharmacon.
I stride on
In search of lambent metaphors in forlorn corners.
I genuflect to verses and verisimilitude.

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