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A span of ten days. We have lost three legends. Lata Mangeshkar, Sandhya Mukherjee and Bappi Lahiri. Time has shown its miracle. After completing their roles as told by Shakespeare in “The Merchant of Venice”, they have returned to their roots. Fondly known as the divine abode. The cries were there. The broken heart desperately wished to get them back. But the God didn’t listen to the prayers. He seemed to have smiled and thought that it is the nature’s policy and He simply cannot flout the principles in any way. The sky is gradually becoming dark. The stars are falling, not to fulfil the wishes but make you break into a paroxysm of tears. The laughter is no more. The grief has overwhelmed. The path is too long to forget the anguish ripping through the heart and soul!
Lata Mangeshkar breathed her last in the last week. The Nightingale. The voice of the millennium. The voice died. The music was brought to a halt. The fans questioned. The questions were not answered. The reason was obvious. She would sing in the Garden of Paradise. A couple of days after the ‘Lover’s Day’, Sandhya Mukherjee left us. Gitasree declined Padmasree and embraced death forever. Not a coincidental issue. Neither a matter of luck. A matter of soulful attachment. The chords of music stopped one after the another. The voices never matched. Yet they followed one another, promised each other to be with one another despite all odds. And last but not the least Bappi Lahiri quitted the mortal globe. The golden era is gradually moving to the last step. The mothers and their one and only beautiful son will no longer be seen on this earth. They are in the Heavens, impressing the Lord with the talent He once gifted them! Such a kind of intense bond is seldom in the accepted sense of term. A sense of eternal void is created. A circle which has no end. Keeping the cries, shouts, screams and anguish at bay, a sense of perennial loss is in vogue. They will never return. The memories will be there, either on the wall or in our mind! The rains will remind us of them. The dusty winds will carry the fragrance of their pious thoughts. The rivers will sing of their timeless glory. The earth will chant the divine hymns. And the poor mortals will brood! A simple equation. The uncertainties of this life will make us realise the hollowness of the material attachments once more!
Silent adieu. Silence is stronger than the din and bustle. We are simply at a loss. We simply don’t know what to do or not. Indeed the art is lost to the surging waves of the sea. But life has to go on. Their good works will continue to inspire us to march ahead of times. Legends never die. The ashes remain. And the life germinates once more. Let us all pray for the tranquility of their souls !! The lines go : ” I have come here,
Only to go back,
Never cry nor brood over times,
They were mine –
Now will be yours.”

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