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The Grandest Advertorial Illusion-Creativity

It is high time we get all types of translations not just for our endangered languages, not just for our vernacular spirits, but also for our endangered pains, sufferings, claustrophobic happiness and myopic lifestyles. We have estranged ourselves from other fellowmates, seeking revenge in simplicity, killing ourselves into the grand ardour called life. No social media, no external injury, no arms and ammunition shall suffice if we do not drag ourselves out from the deep abysmal of self-complacency. It is this vicious monster of self-obscurity that is constantly nibbling at our existence that is constantly hurting as our self-respect gets to the bottom. We survive on this grand delusion of creativity that has nothing to do with self-introspection, critical examination and blotting out all past records of imperviousness.
It is a fruit that we have already tasted, and the Gargantuan monster is going to collide with our creative complacency very soon. It is high time we ‘react’ at least; and ‘observe’ what we have negated for long years-writing, and before that, thinking, thinking, racking, quizzing and rummaging our brains for getting out of a hackneyed art called creative zeal. Look beyond the billboards, folks, it is time for some new advertisement!
It is Sunday time folks, and the editor presents here a host of lovely writers who have orchestrated their own way at organizing ‘Sunday Talks’- through features, short stories, Sunday reflections and poems.
Wish all the readers a rocking Sunday. Happy reading.
Send in your articles, poems, shorts stories, travelogues, thoughts, reflections, anything that you find creative and productive enough to be part of Sunday Talks.
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