Sunday Reflection – Anushka Chatterjee

Memories of Spring

Mother Nature amazes me everytime with her wonderful ways of bestowing her never-ending love on us! Now when I look back to all the nostalgic pictorial tokens of memories; I realise maybe somewhere or the other I have taken my choicest blessings of being a part of this beautiful World for granted way too casually. This temporary isolation apart from all its banes, taught me to be grateful for the simplest of joys we tend to overlook on a daily basis to remain loyal to our busy schedule. One such is my frequent visits to a much quieter unattended part of the Rabindra Sarobar Lake Park; especially during the Springs. The unadulterated and pristine beauty of this place often helped me in brooding: some practical; others illusional. The place has always let me find a comfortable warmth in the bosom of mother Nature amidst all the harsh worldly tantrums sabotaging my mental peace. It has always laid a lavish carpet made of the royal Krishnachura and Radhachura flowers as if to welcome me delightfully; on the picturesque avenues which usually remain damp on bright mornings as the unadulterated dew of the dawn touches them with ardour. Oh how I miss the intoxicating earthy smell of the freshly wet soil of this heavenly place on some such rainy afternoons; now that I’m lying on my bed at this unusual hour of the day !
I know the World will heal soon! “This too shall pass!” I’ll rush back to my place of solace and shall spend more such moments of solitude.
Sorrows have always paved the way for Happiness and hence let’s start counting again from a zero!
As we all know….
“…if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
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