Poetry by Anjali De Nandi

I try to……….

I am a butterfly.
I fly, fly and fly…
My attraction is endless sky;
Also flowers;
At day hours,
I meet with it,
And suck the nectar from it.
My wings are painted by the nature.
Mother nature,
She collects colors from the colorbow of sky,
And she colors it,
On my wings, on the Earth.
After many days from my birth,
I get my wings to fly.
And then,
I love the flowers with my every heart beat.
But, by the birds,
I am eaten.
I am killed by the birds,
Why, the birds eat me? Why, eat?
I ask to my mother, nature.
She never answers of it.
I try to stop it,
That in future,
No bird can it us, not can it.
Yes, yes, yes………… ! ! !
Hey! Mother nature!
Bless me, bless! ………..

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