Sunday Poem By Debanjana Ghatak

Into the Woods

One day, while strolling in the meadows,
I found an enchanted boulevard of lilies and a crow.
They invited me into an unknown paradise.
I was at awe as I never saw this before,
Such mesmerizing hue, such splendid sky,
Such magnificent tall trees, all delightful and friendly.
Was I dreaming or was it real?

I neither beheld such beauty nor heard its tale.

The crow, I mentioned, called other unique friends
They sat beside me and sang a hymn
Which was melodious and soulful like the woods I was in.

Flowers and leaves, clouds and the trees took me further
As I stepped forward, I saw the grass smiling and the birds dancing
To find me there, within their paradise.

I was into the wood, the enchanted woods and would wish to get lost in it forever.

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