Poetry by Rudrapriya Sen

Troublesome mind

They say, our mind is stronger than we know
But I say ‘it’s troublesome’, do hear as I go.
Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend about History,
Syllabus, homeworks and all, but don’t get me started on that story,
After the call I was reminded very swiftly about our teachers,
For they are people with interesting features.
Now for heaven’s sake, don’t expect teachers like Lupin or Dumbledore!
Life has never been so kind to anyone anytime before.
Then my mind travelled, rather forcefully, to the classes,
The History teacher with beady eyes and thick butterfly glasses.
I remembered my mates from the school,
Oh! My very dear personal space to rule.
I recalled, the shady buildings, where children go to ‘work’,
But I must be lying,If I say there no joys ‘lurk’
For it is the place, where the mind is locked and the heart is set free,
Where we enjoy a dazzling time, whatever the situation be.
Now, I hope you can see what I meant,
I hope you can see how my mind went…
Think, what it must feel to be reminded of so many things,
To deal with frequent complex feelings.
Especially when you’re stuck,
Things which need to be done by something more than just luck.
Many may not understand what nonsense I meant, except some..
They will agree with me, that, ‘We are gifted with minds, very troublesome’.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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