Sunday Poem By Subhasis Patra

Around the world in Your Arms

Your finger tips faded from my face

somewhere around midnight yesterday

and the morning looked so pale,

the sky dangling over the valley

with eyes rolled back

tears drained from its lips

as my eyes lay fixated

on your trail of scattered words;

I didn’t even turn around

when suddenly your voice grazed

like the touch through my back

and out of the chest

disappearing into the wilted skyline,

I didn’t flinch

or confirm it was an ambush

instead I just gave my metaphors

a sweep over

searching every fallen rain on my poems

turning myself inside out

letting the night lean against the wall

looking for the fragments

of those un-verbed words

stacked into the verses

I never wrote,

perhaps I am holding you back

inside me much longer

than you need to stay;

So lets call it a night

and begin to love again by dawn.

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