If it is about creation, then there is both pain and pleasure that is related to various art forms. The artistic influence and the ideas that are related to diverse fields of art are some of the most rigorous spaces that are always debatable. Large database, sounds of silence, art for art’s sake, the enigma that is related to art forms, structures and appreciation- all these undergo minor and major changes everyday, in fact, every moment. How do we account for the formation of poetry? how do we interpret ideas that are related to cerebral matters, how do we reach out to the stories that remain yet untold? how do we finish and respond to art in transition? The pain and conflict that are related to numerous art forms help to create an artistic venture every now and then, and more than what comes as a response, what remains silent is nurtured more.
This week also, we celebrate Sunday Talks through poetry, artwork, Sunday thoughts that are philosophical, that highlight the ideas that are related to production, consumption and variation in art forms. Poems that speak of love, longings, nature, citylives, moral goals and changing societal perspectives are some of the varieties that we find in our writers this week.
Send in your write-ups for Sunday Talks to sreesup@gmail.com / techtouchtalk@gmail.com

Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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