Sunday Feature By Kunal Roy


The wait is over. The moment has arrived to celebrate “The World Environment Day”. 5th June, as we all know is the day to plant new trees and appreciate the green ambience!
A day to observe amid laughter and fun. The day which inspires us to promise to continue with the greenery. However, it is to borne in mind that the day holds a special significance in our lives. On the other hand there is a random display of destruction meted out to the nature. Ranging from deforestation to pollution to the nuclear hazards, everything is on the plate served every day. Distribution of leaflets and pamphlets takes place. Different organizations arrange programmes on this day. The longish factual matter is prepared. The audience are glued to their seats and eventually get bored? Moreover, the traditional ‘Vano mahostav'( The Forest Festival) is held with pomp and splendour. Apart from the cultural programmes, initiatives are taken to plant saplings. Taking snap shots of the grand event is a matter of compulsion. Behind the curtain, the same story is told over and over again. No stone is left unturned in spoiling the greenery. Right from the morn till late night pollution continues unabatedly. People suffer. Ailments spread. The chambers of physicians are crowded with patients. The breeze forgets to sooth the skin. Acid rain rules the realm. The age old sculptures are destroyed. Respite becomes a far fetched tale. Claustrophobia dominates. No piece of advice works. And we incorrigibly carry on with such detrimental activities.
The hands of clock move and don’t await anybody. And if the inhuman destruction continues unfailingly, the human race is not faraway from becoming a tale of past. It is the high time to fathom the truth before the human race manages to reach the state of jeopardy. It is simply a pointless exercise to observe the moment, keeping the promises at bay! Our nature is benevolent. She is our very own mother. And if we hurt her, revenge becomes an inevitable truth! Shall we ever realise this axiom? Shall we ever comprehend the hidden mystery? Shall we even try to listen to the verdant vibes? Time will stand and speak up!!

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