Sunday Poem By Ruchira Mukherjee


You claim to know me thoroughly,
But all we have is a blurred image of one another.
We can never be in each other’s shoe.
Will never know what you are going through,
Neither you will.
It’s actually silly to fight over differences,
When all we get is a blurred vision.
At times we separate our paths for our well being,
Let me confirm that’s not selfish, that’s self care.
I believe in moving on when things don’t work,
because holding on can get painful too.
We are here for a limited time,
what’s the point in making things ugly?
When differences grow let’s say goodbye ,
until next meet when we are ready to face the difference.
Till then let’s respect the time we spent and the memories we shared.
You might ask why friendship or any relationship break,
The answer is when we forget to respect one another’s difference.
In this blurred world where misunderstanding is crime,
I prefer to be misunderstood.

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