Sunday Thoughts By Kunal Roy


With the passage of time we grow up and try our best to understand the surroundings that have a considerable impact upon us, our personality and the codes of values and ethics! And after crossing the threshold of sixty, life takes a different turn and travelling in any public transport becomes an area of major concern. The weak muscles, trembling fingers, shaky legs and above all an unsteady corporeal are enough to create an interrogative twist on one’s forehead!
It is known that every day thousands of senior citizens travel in bus. At times after a little help, they are able to board the transport and manage to bag a seat reserved by the authority. But there a difference! The arrangement of seats faces the widely opened gate and the absence of any supportive structure in front of such an order poses a menace to their life and existence! Just close your eyes and imagine a gruesome incident where the driver brings the vehicle to a halt, all of a sudden and a senior citizen fails to keep his/ her balance and meets a severe accident! A bloody story is woven beyond any room of doubt. The heart skips a beat and a chill is sent down the spine after such a fantasy! Although the solution is at our door step yet it is kept at bay. Simply we don’t know whether the reason is unknown or an unaware preparation for a bigger story!
Life never stops. The hands of clock can never be brought under restrain, no matter how much we try. But a little care, heed and awareness can reduce the effect of a situation. It is a pledge before the higher authority to look after the matter at its earliest convenience. A support is desperately desired by them. After all, we cannot afford to forget that time never keeps the same track. Moments change. Situations alter. Support is sought. The age doesn’t matter, but humanism and onus certainly! An honest confession!!

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