Sunday Poetry Special By Suchetana Biswas

Love, love in my Room

I am deaf —good to listen
To the music of nothing
My leg’s broken
Been dancing in the fog
Under the starry morning sky
In this room, I see you
I see you climbing mountain
And winning love
I see you , I see you
Swimming in the ocean
Wrapping my lungs with blues
With lily scents and lusts
Blues in my blood – I am warm.
You are swimming
I am swimming , my arms broken
I am dancing with my guilts
Under the starry morning sky.
Night and Jupiter
Darkness and Sun —My
Moon died long back, now
I am searching myself in
The starless sky
Clouds betrayed me
Thick books and burdened poetry
She is vomiting her diarrhea ,
Her fever. Making love
With a cut-throat
Beethoven in her broken piano
Thick books and burdened poetry
Been drinking art and grease.
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