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Soumitra Chatterjee – The Actor of the Century

Actors are born and not made. The significance of this statement is as fresh today as it was hundred years ago.
Soumitra Chatterjee was a versatile actor with innumerable accolades to his credit. After obtaining a Post graduate degree in Bengali from Calcutta University, he became a part of the theatrical society. He performed in numerous plays. He directed some of them too. But with the passage of time, things began to change, and he moved toward a new world. The world welcomed him with open arms. The world of movies beckoned him. The journey began. He rose to heights. He worked with most of the well-known directors like Satyajit Ray, Tarun Mazumder, Tapan Sinha and many more. His acting acumen had always touched the heart of the millions. Movies like ” Apur Sangsar”, “Sath Pake Bandha”, “Feluda”, “Sonar Kella” and the list is simply endless. On the other hand, Soumitra had also left his stint on the small screen. Undoubtedly, he was received well by the people. He is indeed a source of inspiration for the new budding actors!
Soumitra is still compared to Uttam Kumar, especially by the Bengalis. It is a matter of eternal controversy. Though both belonged to the Golden age of Cinema, they were poles apart in approach towards the onscreen life! Their personal lives were not similar. Both contributed in their own way towards the society at large! Keeping the stuff aside, we need to focus on his birthday. He is no more with us. A couple of months ago Soumitra Chatterjee passed away and a sense of void is still in vogue! However, there goes a truth, people walk in and walk out of life, but their memories never pale into significance. There may not be the cake cutting ceremony nor the inner embellishments with balloons, but his journey will be remembered by each one of us!!
Happy Birthday – A Wish from the Heart
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