Sunday Poem By Kunal Roy


A rain swept evening.
The drops hang from the leaves’ edges,
mercury lowered –
cool breeze,
shrivelled me up a little!
The eyes glued to the path –
she was to come down,
to meet up,
to break my silence,
to entice me for a romantic journey!

My heart skipped a beat,
I kissed her eyelids,
held her soft arms,
went inside !
sat together,
amorous conversation,
before the supper,
put off the bulbs,
lit the candle,
beheld one another,
with smiles around the lips!

Lost in some other hemispheres,
promised to stay long,
food turned cold.
Yet relished –
amid every odd!
Picked up the morsels,
with fork,
tested –
the taste of difference!
Love gathered a momentum,
as encouraged,
a bracing hug!

The quiet thoroughfare,
two souls,
she and I,
left for the day!

The perfume lingered,
And I –
shut the door behind,
drew the curtain,
threw myself on the cushioned bed.
A fountain of delight,
A fountain of elegance,
A fountain of bliss!
The moon clung to the sky,
The stars looked at her,
I shut my eyes,
switched off the lights,
slept –
for tomorrow,
a new sunshine,
a new breathe of her life!!

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