Poems – Shyam Sundar Mondal

Billet Doux

Who painted the girl as River ?
A question still rises from the heaps of rosy syllables. But the question remains river.
The girl wrote the letter
Giving up all for loving you.
The girl wrote the letter
Wanting to lose herself with you.
The girl wrote the letter
Wishing to be showered with love forever.
The girl wrote the letter
Wishing to create a nest.
The girl wrote the letter
Asking to fill the nest with songs in.
Looking at the blue sky and waiting for you
How many times has the girl seen the hide-and-seek of the Sun and Moon,
Perhaps you too know.
Yet you’ve not come.
And,how is it possible ? You’ve not touched the syllables.
The girl has gone away with the river in much huff in Egypt
Leaving her all squeezing out love being a stale flower on your courtyard.
Now, you’ve made every letter a chapter.
And you’ve created a wholesome love offerings,wreathing one after another.
Arranging assemblies you’ve cast your mournful love lines
To each and everyone in deep pain.
Yes. Will you do it as you’re a real lover !
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