Sunday Poem By Samriddhee Kapoor

The song of death

Die Die Die,
Die in the heavens sorrow;
Die because there is no tommorow;
Oh, sweet soul your eyes reflect pain.
Can you hear death sings a lullaby, trying to get you out of your vain?
Death counts you in its blessings.
Death wears a hollow ring.
See, it’s trying to feel your skin.
making a void in your crumbled heart.
it would never let you fall apart;
it’s calm, quiet walking under the dim light,
like those dead blades of brown grass.
sliding down the meadow like an, undefined mellow.
whistling a “Death note” Tune.
Die die die dear soul
cause all of your sorrows,
would perish as Death would touch. your little eyelid,
and make you sleep
till it’s a new morrow

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