Special Section by Prabal Kumar Basu

As he wanders Along

Celebrating Prabal Kumar Basu’s Poetry
Marriage Anniversary (Original poem ‘বিবাহবার্ষিকী’)
(Translated by Barnali Roy)
Our marriage anniversary is scheduled for tomorrow
Today is the eve of annulment of our wedding
Yet we hadn’t planned any festivities
For either of the two events
Slightly backdated, regulated and somewhat nagging too
Surely you don’t enjoy it anymore
Even I have recently overcome the shallow emotion
To reminisce that special day.
It’s winter, on the eve of our anniversary
Let’s go for a walk
For the last time let us walk together
I can feel the air of concealed excitement
On the eve of the dissolution of the sacred vows
You tripped while walking by my side
I steadied you for the last time
You took away your hand cautiously
Somewhat frightened
You realise, this unwanted marriage anniversary thrust upon us
Has no worth anymore
Instead tonight let us
Speak of the forthcoming days
Actually some of these days, still
Secretly will belong
Exclusively to us.
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