Poetry – Bipul Chandra Kalita


Breezy eyed inspirations
Solace me a lot
Place me where I should be
When my treasures get lost.
My hopes glitter in you
My dreams float
My everything is regained
My lost self smiles me back.
Can’t imitate chameleon
I’m what I am,
Love to suffer occasionally
Than surrendering to falsehood
Though glittery elements often wink.
So I’m ready to shed tears
In pain and black rain
Boldly putting steps ahead
To sweep away bad elements,
I know the best is slow in motion.
I’m always in pure love
A winning force
Solemn but a bit stronger
Than flattery or fatal weapons,
And will win foes’ hardest hearts.
Forgotten what of mine is stolen,
Only with a green heart
Only with a view to planting faith
In your open bossoms
In your unspoken emotions
Cautiously ploughing my conscience.
You won’t let me down
I know it,
I adore you
Worship your power
To be active and alive
Rooted in refreshing poesy.
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