Christmas Poem By Gopal Lahiri

Park Street

Evening lights put its words into the world of vessels
each verse reaching out to the sky pouring out stars
as if the world is a seashell.
The festoons, coloured papers, church bells exploring
the allure of collecting, from inside out,
In search of a new vocabulary.
Periodic rumbles of cars on the street, a low hum
wafting across the open windows,
the shadow draws the childhood sparklers.
A leaf tumbles from its weary branch
and then the applause of the unknown birds
stirring the night life.
Always inside the joy and colour of love
to talk out of turn,
and when the night sings very close
the moment hums in the air.
The song will move on
A voice from a past at once distant, close at hand
white flowers drop unspoken words
in the crowded Park Street.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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