Celebration of the Bakri Eid: A significance in the Islamic History

One of the biggest carnivals of the Muslims across the globe is Bakri Eid that reminds every individual on the importance of making a complete dedication to the God. It is celebrated in the twelfth month of the Muslim calendar, fondly known as Dhu-al- Hijjah. The day is also known as the Ramadan id, as after the tradition of fasting for a month is over, they are observed to be celebrating the day in a befitting manner.
An interesting tale is woven around this celebration across the nation. Yet the values of tradition are not sacrificed! Ibrahim, the protagonist here had a vision of sacrificing his son Ismael before God. He woke up with beads of perspiration on his head. Yet he was cool and composed in his stature. He talked to his son on his dream and surprisingly, his son was like him and readily agreed with his proposal! When Ibrahim was about to execute the God’s command, devil appeared on the screen and dissuaded him time and again from his noble action. But Ibrahim was firm in his conviction! The God realised the nobility of him and sent his angel Holy Gabriel to convince him to sacrifice a sheep! Ibrahim came off with flying colours in the accepted sense of term. Since than the day has been recognised and celebrated far and wide. Goats and sheep are sacrificed. The meat obtained is divided between three parts. One is for the family, another for relatives and the final portion is dedicated to Allah!
At some places there is an arrangement of evening soiree. Distribution of sweets, clothes and other ingredients are there on the plate to be served! Greetings and hugs add an extra feather to the cap of Islamic celebration. Let all the happiness of the world flood today. Let the sorrow and grief take a back seat. Let us fold the bits of our soul into little paper boats and dip our toes into the warm pools of ecstasy, keeping the ‘myopic vision’ at bay!!
Eid Mubarak. Let the world unite in peace and brotherhood.
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