Poetry – Suchismita Ghoshal


Water drops cascading from my eyes,
Holding the values of an unfixed past,
Curving the world in a dismal room,
And painting the scenario with the abrupt
Shades of maddening emotions.
I look through the pavement of my heart,
Evasive with the taunting thoughts,
And I glide past the haunting pool
Of untouchable feelings and expressions.
Stooping low before a defeated phase,
My tear drops turn dews and then evaporate
As the mind holds the bulky unholiness
And burdened with the fear of tantrums.
Horrifies me the glistening idol of glamour;
Full of vague spuriousness and fraudulence,
I strongly boycott all the blatant pangs
As I have encompassed my feelings
In the beautiful box of gloomy aches.
The vast azureus ocean of agonizing scream
Calls me for an expedition to insipidly own.
Water drops carolling for my triumph story
As I hail from the land of ultimate glory.
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