Sunday Feature By Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick


We females bear the XX chromosome.
We are genetically the stronger sex,
And the more disease resistant one.
Maybe this is nature’s miracle since only we can bear children.
But for ages we have been called the weaker sex.
Looked down upon, discriminated from many rights.
Just the way some meritorious and gifted children are discriminated against.
Our merits have never been sharpened for ages.
Our talents and gifts have not been encouraged.
Was there a wee bit of tension that we would supersede the others?
We had to look beautiful always.
So our feet had to be kept small in iron shoes
Our waists had to be kept slim with corsets.
Our breasts and hips looked nice if full and voluminous
But our head had to be empty, education was not for us.
So, many ‘Joan of Arcs’ had been burnt at stakes
For having an analytical and free mind.
So, many Khona’s had their tongues cut off for speaking the truth.

We females bear the XX chromosome.
Every human has equal amount of genes from his mother and father.
Every trait, every character decided by both a female and a male.
But still the discrimination, still the looking down.
But much have changed, females are walking side by side.
Doing the same jobs, being educated the same way.
They are at last a part and parcel of society.
Respect and dignity showered on them the same way.
But you still find gender bias.
You still find unequal pay for the same job.
You still find crimes against women.
You still find attitudinal differences for women.
Still at places, dress codes for women.
Still at places, women are not allowed to enter.
We XX chromosomes are still dreaming of a perfect world.
A world with no bias, no discrimination.
A world filled with love and hope.
Where we XX chromosomes have no longer to scream for our rights.

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