It is again that time of the year when the serrated, white, fleecy clouds touch the gentleness of the Sharat sky. It is the time of festivity, fruitfulness and ushering the loveliest moments when we worship the mother goddess for peace and mental prosperity.
There has been a long journey, an effort to extinguish the burning flame of the pandemic. Gone are the days when we all used to be together, playing lock and key, running and capering through the greener pastures of life, like an unbound doe… This life has taught us about how to care for the people whom we value, how to take small steps and overcome great difficulty, how to seek knowledge in the vast and unknown, how to win life by fighting death…
This is one puja again, in the tentacles of the pandemic and yet giving us some respite to breathe again, to fight against all odds and to sustain the value of the eternal life force.

Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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