Poems – Piku Chowdhury

The Bazaar

Hawkers are now everywhere,
Mesmerising myriad ware
On sale. High pitch pierces morbid air
The silhouettes throng all bedazzled.
Values, ethics all on sale?
Behind demure masks so pale
Ecstasy and reverence
Peels off ; fungal invasions ,
Travelling gazegets befuddled.
Bazar of glittering fluttering fare
Rainbow balloons of faking care,
Spider spinning tightening fast
Smothering splendour , supressed lust,
Ravenous intents, licking flames
Burning rancid swirling dust,
Gathering behind and never in view!
Abrupt glimpses fortuitous
Stench of a concealed green carcass
Of human values , painted loud
Sprayed with fragrance amidst the crowd,
The customer’s realization new-
Wearied,stressed and stretched sinews.
Windows may be closed and yet
The dust would slide and perpetrate;
The bazar slithers with all pretence,
Choking lungs and muddled sense.
Gasps the senile cityscape
The bazar binds, there’s no escape.
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