Sunday Reflections – Kunal Roy

“LOVE”- the four lettered expression is really unfathomable as it has a profound connotation in our life. This abstract emotion is either interpreted or analysed from an individual’s perspective. And so there is neither a fixed nor a concrete definition of this feeling, except the truth that love either makes or breaks a life in the way it likes!
Friendship between two souls is the first stepping stone to love. And this sense of amity gradually melts into a state of love, where neither of the partners is able to comprehend in the right manner at the very outset of the tale. This simply points at one simple thing: ” love happens by chance and not by choice”. Yet this very thought is not always acknowledged by the people around! Love and Relationship complement one another in every possible way. Love is the fulcrum of every relationship. A loveless relationship is like a boat without a rudder. A simple courtship can never culminate into marriage, if the potency of love is on the declining phase!
Love is a sacred ingredient of life and so it cannot be compared with lust in any way. Lust or carnal desire can be gratified by any means, but love can only be conquered by the lucky chaps. Moreover, sexual desire is often displayed in an irrational manner, but love rules the heart and acts logically. It should be borne in mind that emotion is always stronger than logic, so we must act accordingly in a relationship! On the other hand, ‘love at first sight’ is a myth today. Love matured by experience leads to a correct judgement. This very sense of judgement makes the emotion a bit mellowed, a bit generous, where return doesn’t matter as much as giving. However, an unrequited love is a curse in a relationship. This is because such a hue of love never fetches any kindness or reverence in a bond. And unless you respect a person, you will never be able to love him or her. Anew as love encourages to conquer a heart, there is no room for the negative traits like envy, meanness ,deception, lies or suspicion. Love believes to follow the codes of morality and ethics even in the most difficult times of sustenance. So, “love for the sake of love” should be the ‘undisputed’ mantra in our life.
Sex is an integral part of love but cannot be the love in itself. Sexual or physical intimacy deepens with the passage of time and not exactly nurtures the idea of a “one night stand”. The person whom one loves intensely is always in one’s heart, no matter whether one is near or far. Distance never dilutes a bond, rather it strengthens it without any tinge of doubt. Such moments of solitude create a fountain of colossal delight in the lovers’ mind(s). We recollect the moments of togetherness and feel its positive impact on our existence.
Love is the gift of God. Love is present in every particle of the cosmos. Without this very feeling , creation would have been a far fetched story and the world would have been the worst place to live in. We feel safe and sound in the arms of our love. Love gives the strength to fight as lovers may die but their love will continue to live despite all odds. A true lover or a beloved, though rare to find , will always be there, no matter whether it is the spring time, the hot and sultry summer, the cloudy monsoon, the falling autumn or the cold,bleak and dark winter!!
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