Sunday Reflection By Rejuan Sardar


It controls your fascination
It provokes our imagination,
Clears us the toughest way
Our states of mind to convey.
Sometimes we find no chill
Sorrows bring us no thrill,
Over-indulgence is a prevention
Of making insightful decision.
When disappointment grasping it
Gradually you lose your fit.
Devouring you in a slow way
And stopping you to convey,
What you fancied and have thought
In the gloom you’ve been brought,
It’ll cast you in deep depression
Alone in the middle of Ocean.

Always be happy and keep your calm
All your happiness lies in your palm.
In the midst of frustration, don’t lose cool
Or else they will make you a fool.
Keep your attitude so much high
Let all the negatives run pass by.
Hold your head so much high
As if it touching the boundless sky.
Where the mind is without fear
And it will comfort you my dear.

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