Sunday Novella By Ananya Nag (Episode- 2)

The Lines of Fate 

“What will I do if God made me so good-looking?” Rishav smirked before picking up his sister’s luggage, turning around to go to his car. “Stop being a narcissist!” Radhika slapped Rishav on his arm before following him.
She was back in her hometown after six months which she spent in London working on a project. She was specially called by her teacher under whom she studied when she was in London doing her Ph.D.
The beauty of Kolkata, the City of Joy, and the capital of the East Indian state of West Bengal had always been a source of happiness to her. The cultural legacy of the city is matchless and one of the best experiences in the country.
Here, India is mixed with a little bit of the British colonial days and interesting specimens of architecture, and artistic and cultural scene. The city is famously known as the Land of Mother Teresa and Rabindra Nath Tagore, but in the heart of the 300-year-old city is the real feel of India.
Once she reached her home she was warmly greeted by her uncle and aunt, Rishav’s parents. Finally, she was back at the house where she grew up, the house which was filled up with her lifelong memories. It always gave the same feelings every time she walked into her house.
After getting fresh she had dinner with her family and then went back to her room which her aunt decorated as she likes. After setting the alarm she took a book from a shelf and got in the bed. It was her habit to read before going to sleep…….

“W-Who are you?? Who???”
Radhika woke up on the bed, gasping for air. Again, she woke up before the alarm seeing the same dream that had been haunting her for the last three months. She got out of her bed and poured herself a glass of water.
After drinking she stood up shaking her head. She had gone through a lot of medical check-ups back in London but all ended up in vain. Nothing stopped her from having those nightmares.
But she was determined to not let her family know that she was having nightmares again, no matter how much they loved her. She can’t bother them anymore.
If her aunt gets to know about that, she would never let her go to work.

To be continued

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