Sunday Poem By Anjali Denandee, mom

Breaks , at mid night

My sleep breaks , at mid night.
I watch the aquarium’s light.
Watch the non sleepers , swimmers .
They are not sleeping.
Not also , dreamers.
I am not also dipping ,
In my dreams.
Just side of me ,
Here is my winter creams.
I message my heels , and face , by these.
In my place of car parking ,
The pet dog , Tomee ,
He is loudly barking.
I hear his ,
Faithfull calling.
But why he is calling ?
It is my unknown.
The night guard is also whistling , alone.
I am looking forward the wall clock ,
But nothing is seen by my eyes.
Because, in this room , now , at deep mid night ,
Here is no light .
Only the sound of the clock s hearing ,
My poems rise ,
In my hidden mind .
They become surprise.
Oh ! Why the poetess is sleepless ,
On this deep mid night !?
My eyes are tearing ,
With my feelings of mind’s deepness.
My tab is shined,
By it’s light .
And stop my tear.
Because, I creat my poem on it ,
With my every lonely heart beat.
I do not know it ,
That , at this moment , also are you sleepless ,
Like me ? Dear !
Or in sleep’s deepness.

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