Poetry – Debanjana Ghatak

My Story Begins…

A free bird I am, you tried to cage me but
I’m unreachable, I’m free, I’m wild, I’m me.
Like spring breeze I fly, you tried to trim my liberty but
I’m a rebel, I’m whirlwind, and I found myself in utmost peril.
A colorful rainbow I am, you tried to absorb my hue but
I’m a champion, I’m insurgent, and no matter how much you hammer, I’ll rise high.
Like a baby I wish to play and hide, you tried to snatch my toys but
I’m a warrior, you break me or hit me,  I’m imperishable.
A carefree butterfly I am, you tried to devour me but
I’m valorous, I’m skilled, you stain my colors or clip my wings, I’ll breakfree and fly away.
Like a fearless lioness I roam, you tried to trap and gift to the poacher but
I’m ferocious, I’m untamed, you cook a great plan and I will spoil again.
A chivalrous knight I am, you tried to captive and chain me in dungeon but
I’m brave, I’m confident, you mock at my misery, and I’ll demolish and set me free.
Like a mellifluous song I hover, you tried to strangle and mute me but
I’m valiant, I’m wild, you plot to harm and I’ll burn your castle and escape.
I’m mild, I’m wild, I’m me and I’m free,
I’m shy, I’m strong, this is me, and I write my own story.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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