Ushering in the festival of lights and celebrating Children’s Day 2020

As the world is still gripped by the horrific silence and the fear of pandemic, as we have bolted almost all doors to happiness, joy and fun, this auspicious day brings in a new ray of hope and light- it is the time for celebration through lights, sweets, vigorous energy and long-lost joy. We celebrate Kalipuja, Children’s Day and Deepavali, all on this weekend, promising some of the best creative moments, zeal and enthusiasm that has not coloured our life palette very recently. It is really not a time for celebration to the core, as the world has already lost many of its inhabitants. Families have been bereft of their lost ones, people lost jobs, students all confined at home, no playground to beckon their agile spirit like before.
What remains with us is hope, a flickering ray of hope that sustains the vitality of all our lives. It is in this tremendous potential of this hope to survive that we still illuminate our homes with candles, earthen lamps, lights and we still present best wishes to the children, the future generation. There will still be a host of individuals who will find out how to sustain through the sublime forms of art, light, painting, poetry, photography and what not.
Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy and prosperous festival of lights and rekindling the Children’s Day spirit with the write-ups this week.
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Happy Sunday!

Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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