Poetic Prisms On Sunday By Dattatreya Datta


Canary Canary Canary,
Chirping and dancing at my balcony;
I peeped from my window
to admire the beauty and the play of duo.
It has ambition and hope
which is lying beneath its heart,
makes it a finest globally art.
What a creation of almighty!
such an immense beauty.
The beauty of nature made my heart full with joy,
And made me to think if I caged them –
What will be?
Yes, they will cry cry cry.
O, little free pal!
What’s your existence in the global?
Your little black shiny eyes and small little beak,
this compact beauty mead me sick.
One of the duo suddenly turned its face, and
started glaring at me by its gaze,
Its fiery fueled eye, could make anyone die.
Suddenly it ignored my existence and start doing dance
from one place to another,
What a Godly mysterious creature!
Bewildered me by their maturely attitude,
Another one came near my window and indicated me towards the sun,
Seems it wanted me to admire the glorious past of the civilization
through the lense of time .
Then it started flattering its body, moving its tale,
As if it wishing some complement.
The shiny rainbow at its wings illuminate my balcony,
the chirping voice heal my mechanical body.
They pecking on the flower pot searching of Food, feel me pity;
I came to balcony with some water and grain
Instead of having it they fly fly fly –
Into the sky.
What’s so scary! What’s so fiery!
O, Canary Canary Canary!!
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