Editorial – Sreetanwi Chakraborty

A story about blocks, blockades and blockheads!

The world of mass communication and especially the social media is a curious case study in itself: On the one hand, the different dendritic patterns have been quite equivocal about the suicide of a star, the precursor to his distressed notions of life, the lacerated small-town, small-scale, ‘middle-class’ (this is the catch-phrase now!) girlfriend who has been codified, drugged, dragged to court, interrogated and what not? (I can find the jumbled cases of nibbing an editorial with the penprints and pawprints are surely going to land me in trouble!) What comes as a surprise is that, the hue, cry and furore in a nutshell are categorized under A, B and C grade as victimization and the overall concept of thinking about the nation is concerned.
As far as the national GDP growth is concerned, or the larger economic, social and the political crisis, there is an obvious division in how, where and when the common multitude reacts to any of the news. ‘Sensation’ is the urge of finality that takes a supreme position when it comes to crowd pulling, hurling remarks, concocting stories and giving judgments, as it is all about the fine tentacles of ‘consumerism’. What you get on social media, what you earn, live through and ask for can have several ramifications, including a story about mental blocks, intellectual and visual blockades and how blockheads take advantage of the situations and re-structure the framework of ‘what’ will be consumed and ‘what’ not.
There is a frantic search for commodification of issues, values and events that directly hit at the intellectual torpidity of individuals. If you think that it is a completely moronic idea to celebrate the personal devastations and what you call the axiomatic idea of the celebrity league, then you have to think twice. It is high time the apart from the blockades and the blockage, people also know how to deal with ‘blockheads’, it is time to understand the art of filtering, or that the use of sieve is not restricted to making tea only! What I read and project is solely my concern, but at the end of the day, there is also an instinct of responsibility that should pervade the course of my writing.
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