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As the tricolours of the Indian flag again paint the sky with sentiment on the date of celebrating the country’s independence, the land and its people device ways of rectifying the past mistakes and moving forward toward the direction of achievement. By achievement, by recognition and by faith, ethnicities keep on getting divided, nations put question on the deaths of discipline, ideas and also on the narration and the narrative structure of what independence is all about. It is the right parameter where self-elevation, retrospection, self-observation, realization and consonance with what remains as a story beyond the ‘barbed wire’. Writing the nation has never been easy but at the same time, understanding the preservation of the national spirit and the way of understanding the logicalities and illogicalities of sense also become all-pervasive in any Democratic segment.
Today, we write the story of the history of the nation, with history beyond hierarchy, history combined with combustible politics and the ideas of a unified nation. It is high time we give a thought not to the interconnectivity of the individuals but an interconnectivity of the self and the understanding of the nation in unified, general and also in a particular way.
This week, our writers at ‘Sunday Talks’ explore, problematize, scurry through and open new vistas about life and independence illusions and reality about independence and poetry, nation, poems of love, colours, separation, and reflective pieces that celebrate art, fancy and moody mornings.
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