Sunday Thought By Kunal Roy


Life is a pot pouri of some of the undeniable events that contribute to a large scale to keep the cycle of creation going and ensure that it remains unperturbed all through! A child is born to a family and his birth is celebrated with pomp and splendour, flaunting the riches to the mass. But we often forget that the days are numbered on this earth and the death would take out her darted tongue to swallow us, without any option as such! Death is the ultimate truth of life. It is such a phase of human existence which leaves the mortal mentally wounded and nothing but acceptance of the grim reality becomes the one and only objective amid tears and sweat. But death doesn’t suggest the end of life on an eternal plane, it is rather a fettle which prepares us for a new birth. However, this is quite metaphysical in treatment as the ordinary beings are finite and love to remain clung to the near and dear ones, either out of selflessness or selfishness! A single factor makes us cry and envisions the terrible high and dry situation awaiting us in his absence. Infact it is Maya which has bound us and prevents us from knowing the perennial truth! We, being the weaker entities cannot break such a bond and look beyond the obvious. Life as well as death is the gift of God like the day and night, the pleasure and sorrow, the shadows and lights, the heaven and earth, the rain and sunlight, the love and hatred and the victory and vanquish!!

But death of your closest person on the earth fetches you pangs beyond any condolence! Tears warm up your face. The limbs tremble. The lips quiver. The heart is torn apart. The inexplicable anguish rips through the central organ of the body. Twenty years ago when I lost my grandmother, my father chanted the hymns from Bhagavat Gita. Ten years later, when I lost my father, I performed the same rituals and tried to overcome the severe bouts of depression. However, my mother, the Goddess of my life was there to support me in every possible way. But a few days ago, I have lost my mother, the invaluable gem of my life. I wish I could have died in her lap in some other parts of the universe, where she is now. I pray to the Lord above to fulfil the wish of my life as soon as possible.I simply cannot explain the violent gale of my mind. I never wanted any thing in my life except her and her comforts. There had not been a single day when I did not take care of her. I tried to do everything for the Goddess, the Empress of my life and at times beyond my ambit! But I couldn’t change the course of her destiny, something I used to tell her at some unguarded moments of my life.

Today I am alone. No one beside me to love, advise, scold and take care of my little wants, little desires. I strongly believe that my such pains and sufferings will continue without any halt. Perhaps I deserved this exemplary punishment. I am simply ignorant of my upcoming days. I do not know what awaits me tomorrow. I desire complete freedom from this earthly bondage, as there is no one in life any more. Every moment I feel the shortness of my life. I do not want any new journey of my life. I want to reach the destination, experience the heavenly bliss and enjoy the eternal company of my mother, the Goddess of my life. An honest confession indeed!!

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