Life in Pandemic – Kunal Roy

The world reels under the torment of shut. This is not just an axiom, but a realisation in the profound depths of one’s heart. The COVID-19 crisis has assumed a fettle of global pandemic, causing severe chaos and eventually wreaking havoc! And we, the poor mortals are confined within the four walls of our well decked up room. Every moment there is an urge for freedom that lurks at the corner of one’s heart. However, unfortunately time and tide donot respond to our wishes. We seek to break this chain of confinement, but in vain. Yet an ‘earthly fantasy’ works in each of us. Had there been a day of complete emancipation from this ‘intolerable’ entanglement, life would have surely woven a different tale to narrate, a different smile to put on and a different texture to flaunt before all and sundry!
Let us fantasise a day when this worldly menace of COVID-19 is no longer in vogue. It has completely bidden au revoir to us. Happiness will be redefined. We will simply step out of our threshold. The shackles of ‘thought’ will hopefully unfold themselves and sheeny thoughts and views will discover a new place in our conscience! The pristine elegance of this nature will overwhelm us. Birds of variety shall summon to make a difference in the day! The fountain of elixir will sing the song of immortality and the entire earth will bloom again as the shower of refreshment has completely drenched her to her feet! On the other hand, no more forlorn outlook will silhouette the city’s vibrance. The retreat of the cops and the vivacity of the common mass will be some of the things to witness from the heart and soul! Passengers rushing for their jobs and business during the wee hours of the morning will act as a salvo to the aching hearts! Thronged compartments of the different public transport will improvise a sense of relief. The jostling crowds, the bickering over the meagre issues of life and a soulful attempt to discover an amicable remedy to the problem between two pals, over cups of brewing coffee will encourage to plunge into the pool of immaculate delight! Lovers who have not shared the amorous conversation since quite a few months, will meet anew to script their tales of romance! It seems to be an odyssey from the cauldron of demise to the vessel of the gift of life by the Lord above! De facto, the ambient air will be dotted with a spate of changes, something awaited long. No more the throttled voice, the gnarled fingers, the shivering muscles, tears soaked voice or the panic stricken soul will make their presence felt in the human race!
Life is often a pot pouri of hope and despair, love and malice , dream and reality. It is a fact that we are into a hardcore reality of distress and dejection. We flounder to reach the well to satiate our throat with a single , solitary drop of water! We desire to disobey, but somehow an unseen force works and pulls us back from the action we are about to execute! Still amid the blistering rays of the sun, we make a quest for those dark, black clouds to quench our parched lips! The ‘inner realm’ often speaks on the optimistic note of life. Indeed it is apt to quote Shelley:
“If winter comes can Spring be far behind?” ( Ode to the West Wind)
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