The Lefty Power: An Introspection. ( Based on the International Left-handers Day, 13th August) – Kunal Roy

পেশায় কলকাতার জর্জ গ্রুপ অফ কলেজেশের সহ অধ্যাপক, ইংরেজি বিভাগ। দীর্ঘদিন ধরে লেখালেখি করছি। বিভিন্ন ইংরেজি পত্রপত্রিকা ছাড়া, ওয়েব পোর্টালেও লেখা প্রকাশিত হয়েছে। বিদেশের একাদিক স্থান থেকেও লেখা প্রকাশিত হয়েছে। রামকৃষ্ণ ইনস্টিটিউট অফ কালচারের ইন্দোলজি বিভাগ থেকে পুরস্কার প্রাপ্ত। ইতিহাস, পুরাণ, কবিতা, সমাজ বিদ্যা ইত্যাদি বিষয় আগ্রহ আছে। অনুবাদক হিসেবেও স্বীকৃত। এর সাথে আমার এক কপি রঙিন ছবি পাঠালাম।
Who can afford to forget Arjuna, the third Pandava and close bosom friend of Lord Krishna in Vyasa’s magnum opus “Mahabharata”?. This is the epic which has really withstood the perfect onslaughts of time. Arjuna, one of the protagonists of the work was an ambidextrous. He could adroitly use both his arms in any battle coming on his way. But it is often uttered that his left hand was more potent than the right one. His bow, fondly known as Gandiv always found a place in his left hand. The bow was so heavy that no body could easily lift it. But the Kunti nandan did it at ease. In a remarkable manner, he seized his Gandiv by his left arm, moved the chariot through Kurukshetra and fought the battle for Dharma to emerge victorious at the end!
Flipping through the pages of the past, one could easily fathom the significance of the ‘left arm’. Chandradhar, the king of Champoknogori had a terrible fight with the Lord Shiva’s foster daughter Manasha, popularly known as Padmavati! She snatched everything from him for the sake of having offerings from him. It was infact the destiny’s plan that unless Chandra dhor worshipped Manash, her temples would not be built on the earth and there would be no devotees either. However, the legendary epoch continued ceaselessly until Chandrodhar, the most loyal devotee of Shankar used his left arm to throw his offerings at the lotus feet of the Goddess on the humble request of Behula, his daughter in law! The Goddess bagged a throne in the heaven and showered blessings on the earth!
Not only the Gods but also the supremely successful people on the earth are also left handers. Sourav Ganguly, a brilliant exponent in the domain of cricket is a lefty! His performance had been incomparable throughout.The four and sixes were scored by him using his left arm. Besides there are doctors too who are left handers. Ranging from writing the prescription to the treatment to the welfare of the patient(s), every single tiny thing is controlled by the left arm. So the importance of left is as much as right, without any tinge of doubt! However, the number of right handed people are more than the left handers. According to the practices in ancient India, the right hand is the hand of karma, and the left contains the destiny. But for the lefty people, both karma and destiny are interwoven on their left palm, establishing the eternal equation: karma (deed) + bhagya (destiny)= result. The sum of ‘deed’ and ‘destiny’ produces the ultimate result for the individual! Any explanation?
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