“The Lefty and the Leftist: Legends that matter” – Kunal Roy

The pages of Indian history will always pay reverence to some of the great souls of mother India. They are completely different from one another. Be it profession, outlook, preference or style , they are not alike! Yet a sense of strong similarity persists even at this very hour. Both of them were born on 8th July. Both of them are strong motivators to one and all. They are Sourav Ganguly and Jyoti Basu. Indeed the true torch bearers to thousands across the world!
Jyoti Basu was born on 8th July,1914 and Sourav Ganguly came to this earth on 8th July, 1972. But their professions were quite different from each other. Jyoti Basu was the chief minister of Bengal from 1977 – 2000. It is believed that his tenure could not be defeated still today! In a democratic ambience, he served his people for the longest period of time. He had been the member of CPI(M) and Polit Bureau since its inception in 1964. During his period, new projects and privileges were introduced to benefit the mass to a larger extent! An alumnus of the prestigious Presidency College (now university) and London School of Economics, Basu had sacrificed his life for the noble cause of his nation. Controversies were always in vogue. And this is something undeniable, as the “rich and famous are always at the centre of controversy”.Time flew away( but never faded), he continued till his demise! He had left us long ago! But his actions will continue to inspire us. On the other hand, the living legend Sourav Ganguly has really a different story to narrate. Having been introduced by his elder brother Snehasis Ganguly into the world of cricket, Sourav quickly picked up the nuances of the games and participated in the regional contests, until time ripened for him to display his true mettle! Lady Luck smiled upon him. A spate of achievements followed. A successful batsman, team maker and above all an empathetic captain who had always been a favourite to his fellow mates! Maharaj was also known as the “God of offside”.The reason was obvious. He was a left handed batsman and knew all the tactics of turning the tide towards him! But times do not always remain the same! He was ill-treated, left out of his team and became the victim of countless humiliations. Yet he did not give up. And with the passage of time he proved himself to be a pioneer in the world of Indian cricket. Currently he is not only the president of the BCCI but also holds a respectable position in the Supreme Court of India to stop mal practices! After being awarded with the Padma Shri by the Government of India, Sourav has really become a symbol of honour and glory to his people! A humble soul. A good Samaritan!
Life is never the same for all. A few have the right to live and the rest simply exist! It is often hung between the unseen happenings and the inevitable realities. Such magnetic personalities too witnessed obstacles in their life. The path towards the destination was often rock-strewn. Yet they translated their dreams into reality. They are our role models. Hats off to them! However, the journey is not yet over. We must take the pledge to continue with their good work from where they had left! A WARM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU!!
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