|| A Tribute to Zakir Hussain on his Birthday || by Kunal Roy


You descended on the earth,
With a definite and noble purpose,
Refined the music,
Rejoined the musical strings,
Bred a pure taste of tune!
Yet considered to be inauspicious:
Father fell ill,
Chronically affected!
Destiny had a different plan-
To weave!
To gift the world,
A Diamond of the rarest choice!
Gradually the globe changed,
Changed the desires of heart,
The rhythm of the soul!
But you never embraced the vanquish!
You fought for your choice,
Performed across the barriers,
Accolades were showered,
Deluged with the blessings,
And you-
Became the star of eternity!
Years rolled by,
The mandalas receded,
Fame waxed,
Like the crescent moon!
The rivalry ceased,
Conquered the essence of music,
Stood out of the crowd,
Imaged as the God of soul,
The flowers blossomed,
The fragrance spread,
Across the purple garden,
Across the blue seas,
Across the snow clad mountains!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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